C1- Best Practice Experiences in Environmental Noise Management (ENM) Applications (in Spain)

Purpose of Training Program C1:

The first LTT Activity 1 (C1) was held in Madrid /Spain between the dates 25th to 29th of June 2018 organized by project partner UPM. The main purpose of this training was to get the opportunity to see the best practice experiences on noise management applications and to introduce with ICT technologies used in noise audits.

Target Group:

The target group of this training is staff from project partner institutions, who are working on environmental noise academically and technically. Since this training program focused on the best practices on ENM applications, the staff attended this activity have an experience on environmental noise management in both scientific, official and practical and administrative aspects.

In this extent, 5 staff from Antalya PMEU, 4 staff from UPM, 3 staff from UNIFI and 3 staff from VIENROSE were attended at the training program. As key stakeholders, 15 technical experts from different local and national authorities in Spain were also attended.

 We visited a noise monitor and a monitoring vehicle from Madrid city council. showed us the reasons why legal metrology is required in acoustics to protect end-user from malfunction, bias or lack of precision of instruments……

Presentations for “The Use of Technology in Environmental Noise Management”
–           “Environmental noise management in smart cities: experiences with sensors and limiters”. Marçal Serra (Cesva Instruments)
–           “Sentilo smart city platform and acoustic use cases”. Alex Abril (Municipality of Terrassa)
–           “Environmental noise monitoring in cities: real experiences with sensors”. Marc Boher (Urbiotica)
–           “Accreditation in acoustic testing laboratories”. Antonio Pedrero (ETSIST, UPM)
–           “New ways of assessment of community response to noise through social media“, Luis Gascó (I2A2, UPM)
–           “Requirements in the protection against noise from outside and activity premises according to Spanish Building Regulations “.Amelia Romero (CSIC)
–           “Education in Acoustics in Spain”. Guillermo de Arcas (I2A2, UPM) showed the challenges in
–           “Overview on Metrology in EU”, Ignacio González (Svantek)

Presentations on “Different Point of Views of Different Municipalities on Environmental Noise Management”
–           “Environmental noise management in Madrid” José Carlos Garrido (Municipality of Madrid):
–           “Control of point sources of noise pollution in the city of Madrid” Doroteo Jiménez (Municipality of Madrid):
–           “Barcelona Noise Monitoring Network” Julia Camps (Municipality of Barcelona):
–           “Leisure noise assessment and declaring acoustically saturated zones. A political perspective” Luis Medina-Montoya (Municipality of Málaga):
–           “Experience of Valencia in plans and actions against noise in leisure areas” Maite Martí and Ana Viciado (Municipality of Valencia):

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