C2- Technical Aspects of ENM Applications (focused on noise measurements) (in Italy)

Purpose of Training:

LTT Activity 2 (C2) was held in Florence/Italy between the dates 2nd to 6th of October 2018.The main purpose of this training was to evaluate and to embed consistency in to how the curriculum content will be delivered to in all partner countries.

The main output of this project is to define a proposal of Curriculum for the staff working on environmental noise management (ENM) activities. In Florence meeting, thanks to all project partners and to their great contributions, the draft curriculum was prepared, including skills for three different categories as environmental noise technicians, environmental noise engineers and environmental noise managers. This proposal consists of the list of topics, theoretical and practical hours of the courses based on the role of the staff. Such curriculum will provide the work-based learning with containing lots of practical hours.

Target Group:
The target group of this training is staff from project partner institutions, who are working on environmental noise academically and technically. Since this training program focused on the technical aspects of ENM applications, the staff attended this activity have an experience on noise measurements in both scientific, official and practical aspects.
In this extent, 6 staff from Antalya PMEU, 3 staff from UPM, 5 staff from UNIFI and 4 staff from VIENROSE were attended at the training program. As key stakeholders, 10 staff from different local authorities in Italy were also attended.

Outcomes of training program

In LTT Activity C2, Local authorities on noise management of Tuscany Region in Italy shared their professional experiences on administrative and technical aspects mainly focusing on noise measurements and noise audits. In addition, the experts presented the projects focusing on noise management, which are financed by European Commission. Moreover, the draft curriculum developed in the scope this project was shared with local authorities to get their feedbacks

At the end of the training program, the participants got professional growth in terms of technical aspects of environmental noise management. With attending to this program, they had good knowledge of corporate practices for sharing the professional experiences and have experienced real-case studies in noise measurement, gained the experience of intercultural working environment. Moreover, cultural awareness in the professional practice was increased.

Dissemination of training program

The news on this training program was published on PMEU Website, Project Linkedin Group and Project Twitter Account.



Main agenda items of training: During the training program, environmental noise management (ENM) applications of Italian Municipalities and the local authorities were shared. In addition to this, the courses on certification process of Acoustic Technicians and noise measurement methodologies in Italy were given. Moreover, LIFE MONZA and LIFE DYNAMAP projects mainly focused on environmental noise were introduced to the project partners. The draft form of curriculum developed in the scope of this project was also shared with the local authorities of Tuscany Region, directly worked on environmental noise control in order to take their opinions as environmental noise managers. Presentations from public managers of Italian agglomerations and cities – Noise management and control in Firenze (Arnaldo Melloni, Gessica Pecchioni, Comune di Firenze) – Monitoring and Regulation of Leisure Noise in Turin’s San Salvario Area(Jacabo Fogola, ARPA Piemonte) – Noise management and control in Emilla Romagna (Tberio Montanari, ARPA Emilia Romagna) – Presentations of noise measurement system AESSE Misure (Carlo Notini, AESSE Ambiente) – Sounds and Noise in the Urban Soundscape experience (Sergio Luzzi, Vie. En. Rose, Ingegneria Srl.) Presentations on Noise Measurement Techniques -Life DYNAMAP (Dynamic Noise Mapping project-Dynamap noise monitoring sensor network (Luca Nencini, Blue Wave Srl.) – Life MONZA project (Methodologies for Low Noise Emisiion Zones introduction and management) Chiara Bartulicci, University of Florence-UNIFI) – How to become an Acoustic Technician in Italy (Sergio Luzzi, Vie. En. Rose, Srl.) – Presentations of noise measurement procedures into a practical lesson of acoustic course of University of Florence (practical experience) (Francesco Borchi, University of Firenze- UNIFI) -Draft proposal of curriculum for technicians, engineer and environmental manager, Nilgün Akbulut Çoban, Antalya Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization)

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