The fourth LTT Activity was held on 17-21 th of June 2019 in Madrid, Spain. The main aim of this training program was to focus on  the evaluation and embedding consistency in to how the curriculum content will be delivered to in all partner countries. And specifically the main focus is the curriculum content on communicative aspect of environment noise management applications with their digital aids developed spesifically on noise monitoring system and awareness tool

The target group of this training is staff from project partner institutions, who are working on environmental noise academically and technically. Since this training program focused on the communicative aspects of ENM applications, the staff attended this activity have an experience on environmental noise management in both scientific, official and technical aspects.
In this extent, 5 staff from Antalya PMEU, 4 staff from UPM, 3 staff from UNIFI and 3 staff from VIENROSE were attended at the training program.

In addition to this, the international acoutic experts from United Kingdom, Portugal, Chile and Luxemburg were also invited to share their own countries’ experiences.

In this training, it was highlighted the work-based learning because the content of this communicative aspect  includes mainly the noise monitoring system therefore how it works, how data of this system is evaluated, how the data is used by local authorities in noise management etc. In addition to this,  noise awareness tool was presented.

The training program was not only restricted with the communicative aspects of environmental noise management in project partner countries, but also it included knowledge  exchange on the environmental noise audit system of United Kingdom, Portugal, Chile and Luxemburg. Since the acoustic experts from these countries were also invited to this project training program, they shared their experiences in their own countries and they also gave their feedbacks to the outputs of the Noise Training Project. You could reach the presentations of those experts from the folders given below.

Within the training program, the project article Improvement of Environmental Noise Management Skills on Audits: initial results achieved in the frame ofthe Erasmus+ Project on Noise Training Project”  was presented at the “48th International Congress and Exhibition on Noise Control Engineering” on 19th of June 2019 in Madrid. Therefore, it is a very impressive way to introduce and disseminate the project to the acoustic experts coming from all over the world.

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